All learning outcomes covered in one day. Delivered through practical scenarios and practice exam questions. Concise study guide covering the full curriculum. FASEA experienced presenters.

The FASEA exam will not only test your ability to make the correct ethical choices but also require a strong knowledge and understanding of laws and regulations relevant to financial advisers.
If it's been a while since you last sat an exam, the ground has certainly changed. New laws and ethical standards have been introduced. Existing regulations have been updated.

What you can expect in the workshop/webinar

All FASEA's learning outcomes covered including the new legal and ethical requirements—in the context of passing the exam. Format: short PowerPoint talks with audience participation and interactive group work based on FASEA exam questions. This will ensure you receive and learn to apply the right knowledge and approach to obtain maximum marks.

Agenda: Origins of best interests duties and key concepts, FSRA and regulatory environment; Corporations Act 2001, FOFA, Royal Commission and 2017 changes; The exam, ethical frameworks, FASEA and the Code of Ethics; Consumer behaviour, Privacy, TASA, AML/CTF, Code of Ethics applied.

Package of materials needed for time-efficient study: In addition to recommended pre-reading, attendees will receive a hard copy of the Participant Handbook summarising the FASEA curriculum key aspects (99 pages), and package of source materials (including the key sections of Corporations Act 2001) needed for time-efficient study (115 pages).

Make the legal and ethical obligations part of your professional DNA.

Accredited for 6.75 Hours Continuing Professional Development by the Financial Planning Association of Australia: Regulatory compliance & consumer protection (2.5hrs) Professionalism & ethics (3.5hrs) Technical competence (0.75hr). See Testimonials page for attendee comments and feedback ratings.

Our Goals

Upcoming Blue Path FASEA Exam preparation webinar and workshop dates. REVIEW FOR NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Includes one on one follow up and Q&A.

Webinar platform Google Meet involves no additional software or charges. Stable and reliable, participants require only a computer and internet connection. All login details are provided by Google Calendar invitation. Camera and microphone are optional. Questions can be asked and answered using Chat.

Workshops are held at a central business training facility (click on workshop below for venue address) and are fully catered.

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Webinar: 9AM - 5PM (AEST (Sydney time)) (morning and afternoon tea (15 mins), lunch (45 mins). Connection opens 8:45AM.
Workshop: 9AM - 5PM (morning and afternoon tea (15 mins), lunch (45 mins).

Webinar: $485*
Workshop: $635† (Early Bird‡) $685 (Standard).
Package of materials for self study (Participant Handbook) sent by Express Post: $260.

* Includes all course materials and optional follow up Q&A: hard copy Participant Handbook, Exercises and PowerPoint, sent by Express Post. Minimum 3 business days' notice required to receive hard copy materials before the Webinar. No Early Bird registration for Webinar.
† Includes all course materials: hard copy Participant Handbook, Exercises and PowerPoint. To receive the materials by Express Post ahead of the workshop, send your request to Allow 3 business days to arrive. Remember to bring this copy to the workshop as no spares will be available. If the workshop is cancelled the value of the Participant Handbook received ($260) will be deducted from any amount to be refunded. 
‡ Early Bird registration is available until 15 days before the workshop.

Webinar (for 13 to 18 August 2020 exam)

Tues 21 July 2020

Computer and internet connection required (camera and microphone optional but recommended).

3 business days' notice required to receive hard copy materials before the Webinar.

Webinar (for 8 to 13 October 2020 exam)

Tues 15 September 2020

Computer and internet connection required (camera and microphone optional but recommended).

3 business days' notice required to receive hard copy materials before the Webinar.

Get ready with an all-in-one workshop. Your complete package to pass the FASEA exam.

Our Goals

Meet our speakers


Ethics & FASEA Legal Specialist
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Roger Patterson provides the ethics law expertise needed to address the new Code of Ethics established under FASEA’s revised qualifications for financial advisers. He has published articles on the FASEA Code of Ethics and been interviewed in the financial media and financial industry podcasts discussing FASEA issues. Married to a financial adviser, Roger has specialised in the field of ethics law for more than 20 years, and delivered training at Bond University on the Gold Coast and at the Queensland Law Society. Roger enjoys engaging audiences through discussions of case studies and socratic enquiry. He holds a Masters degree in the human science aspects of risk management, which underpin the behavioural understandings in the new FASEA guidelines. It’s these related skills and Roger’s knowledge of FASEA’s ethical rules and regulations which gives Blue Path the inside run in helping you pass this aspect of the FASEA exam. The complete package of support and guidance.

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