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Register now for the Blue Path FASEA Exam preparation webinar.


Register now for the Blue Path FASEA Exam preparation webinar.

What you need to know

The FASEA exam focuses on three main financial and ethical areas, which will be covered in our program.

These areas are Financial Advice Regulatory and Legal Obligations, Applied Ethical and Professional Reasoning and Communication and Financial Advice Construction.

Financial Advice Regulatory and Legal Obligations

  • Identify the obligations of relevant providers under Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act 2001
  • Articulate the importance of a Statement of Advice (SOA) and identify the essential requirements required under Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act
  • Articulate the consequences of breaching their financial disclosure obligations under Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act
  • Understand the requirements of the notification obligations for breaches of Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act
  • Compare and contrast legal requirements for individual and licensee
  • Apply legal requirements for AML/CTF legislation when providing advice
  • Apply legal requirements for Privacy legislation when providing advice
  • Articulate the requirements for compliance with the Tax Agents Services Act 2009 requirements as a registered Tax Adviser

Applied ethical and professional reasoning and communication

  • Explain the requirements specified in the FASEA Code
  • Articulate the importance of a code of ethics and why financial planners/advisers need to work and abide by the approved code in the context of professional standards.
  • Apply ethical frameworks to address issues and dilemmas that are encountered as a financial planner/adviser
  • Identify and demonstrate the importance of a relevant provider acting with Integrity and in the best interests of each of their clients
  • Evaluate the need for due diligence and the need to maintain client files and records

Financial Advice Construction

  • Define the environment in which financial product advice is sought and given for new and existing clients
  • Explain the need to prevent and avoid misconduct and inappropriate advice
  • Broadly understand population and community profiles at a retail client level
  • Identify different types of consumer behaviour and decision making
  • Evaluate and apply advice strategies suitable for different retail clients

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