How to begin studying for the FASEA exam?

The importance of lining up the materials, practising case studies, understanding the Code of Ethics and how it dovetails with the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)—and buddying up when studying.

Keys to passing the FASEA exam

Before the end of 2020, every financial adviser in Australia must pass the three hour FASEA exam. It's as much a law examination as it is about financial advising. Here are three key steps for preparing for and passing from an experienced teacher of law and ethics.

The Five Stages of "FASEA Grief"

The 'five stages of grief' that many financial advisers in Australia are going through as they confront the FASEA Code of Ethics and Exam.

It's all good!

Roger interview with Clayton Daniel on the XY Podcast discussing misconceptions about the FASEA Code of Ethics and why it's not so bad.

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